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Version Designation of Final Submission - 04 February 2000

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chapter 1 - Introduction to COCOMO® II


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chapter 2 - Model Definition


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chapter 3 - Application Examples


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chapter 4 - Calibration


chapter 4 figures


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chapter 5 - Emerging Extensions


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chapter 6 - Future Trends


chapter 6 figures


appendix A - COCOMO® II: Assumptions and Phase/Activity Distributions


appendix A figures


appendix A tables


appendix B - COCOMO® II: Estimating for Incremental Development


appendix B figures


appendix B tables


appendix C - COCOMO® Suite: Data Collection Forms and Guidelines (000204)


appendix C figures (000204)


appendix C tables (000204)


appendix D - USC-CSE Affiliate Programs (000204)


appendix E - USC COCOMO® II.2000 Software Reference Manual


appendix F - Content of Accompanying CD-ROM (000204)


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