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Last updated 2/05/2001

On this page you will find Microsoft Excel 97 spreadsheet implementations, both Post Architecture model (PA) and Early Design model (ED) of a single module of a COCOMO® II.2000 model with all the drivers and supporting criteria. On each spreadsheet you will find a certain number of worksheets pertaining to the model, 24 for the Post Architecture and 29 for the Early Design model. "Manuals" are included. In the manuals you will find information on the functions of each spreadsheet, the functions and operations of some specific cells, and the specific linkages of the factors in the spreadsheets. In order to retrieve these documents just click on the links below. The documents available require a PDF and Postscript viewer. Click here to download viewers.

COCOMO® II.2000 Spreadsheet Implementations and Documents which will help you determine the driver ratings for various COCOMO® II.2000 models

Early Design

Post Architecture Zip Files

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