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On Going Efforts

Wide variety of research and development projects in systems and software engineering is going on at the Center for Systems and Software Engineering. The focused research areas include models, model integration and empirical methods which address issues in software development, operation and maintenance. Please refer to the list of projects for details.

Research and development projects are performed by researchers and students in collaboration with Affiliate members’ representatives. In recent semesters, CodeCount and related projects have been taken by teams of directed research students, CSCI577 students and industry professionals – Mathy A Pandian and Michael Lee from Aerospace, Lori Vaughan from Northrop Grumman and Jim Alstad from Boeing.

CodeCount team is currently working on the following projects:
  • Difftool: (1) enhance the current version of Difftool to count Ada and SQL source programs. (2) Improve the performance to faster count large source files
  • Redesign CodeCount to unify existing CodeCount tools: utilize functionality of the existing standalone CodeCount tools to build a single application that can count the source code of multiple languages. This application will help reduce maintenance effort, save operation time, and enable further enhancements
  • Integrating Boeing's TheCount and Difftool: utilize TheCount's GUI to provide inputs and present outputs from Difftool
  • Supporting more languages: develop CodeCount tools to count Web languages such as ASP and JSP
  • CodeCount maintenance: test, maintain and enhance existing CodeCount tools