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List of Courses Offered by CSSE

Class Number
Class Title
CSCI 510 Software Management & Economics
Theories of management and their application to software projects. Economic analysis of software products and processes. Software cost and schedule estimation, planning and control.
Graduate Standing
CSCI 511 Personal Software Process (PSP) and Project
Individual analysis, planning, development, and maintenance of a software product or development artifact, using principles and practices the Personal Software Process. Analysis of project lessons learned.
Recommended: Any software project course or development experience.
CSCI 571 Web Technologies
Advanced study of programming languages with application to the Web. Languages for client-side and server-side processing. Examples taken from: HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl, XML and others.
Prerequisite: graduate standing and knowledge of at least two programming languages.
Recommended preparation: Knowledge of at least two programming languages.
CSCI 577a Software Engineering I
Software life cycle processes; planning considerations for product definition, development, test, implementation, maintenance. Software requirements elicitation and architecture synthesis. Team project.
Graduate Standing
CSCI 577b Software Engineering II
Software development, test, implementation, and maintenance methods. CASE tools and software environments. Software product engineering, configuration management, quality engineering, documentation. Application via projects.
CSCI 577a
CSCI 578 Software Architectures
Software architecture has become an area of intense research in the software engineering community. A number of architecture modeling notations and support tools, as well as new architectural styles, have emerged. The focus of architecture-based software development is shifted from lines-of-code to coarser-grained building blocks and their overall interconnection structure. Explicit focus on architecture has shown tremendous potential to improve the current state-of-the-art in software development and alleviate many of its problems.
CSCI 588 Specification and Design of User Interface Software
The design and implementation of user interface software. Study of issues relating to human/computer interaction. Visual design and real-time interfaces.
CSCI 589 Software Engineering for Embedded Systems
This class will examine the key properties of software systems in the embedded, resource constrained, mobile, and highly distributed world. The class will assess the applicability of mainstream software engineering methods and techniques (e.g., object-orientation, component-based development, software architecture) to this domain.
CSCI 577a
CSCI 590 Software Engineering DR/CPT Program
Research leading to the master’s degree. Maximum units which may be applied to the degree to be determined by the department. Graded CR/NC. Please contact individual professor to register.
Graduate Standing
CSCI 599 Advance Topics
This course is used to present material that is not now part of the regular curriculum.
Depends on each course