University of Southern California

1985 COCOMO® and Software Cost Modeling International Forum 1

Presentations and Binder Materials


Barry Boehm - COCOMO®: Answering the Most Frequent Questions
Dan Ligett - The Development of WICOMO
Tom Lydon, Brian Poynton - WICOMO at Raytheon Current Use and Future Plans
Stephan A. Greene - Front End Analysis of Software Development Projects
Philip D. Blackwood - A Constructive Schedule Model
Greg D. Blank - COCOMO® to Jenson Comparison
Bernard C. Price - Government Tailored COCOMO® (GTCOCOMO)
Paul Rook - GECOMO Overview of Facilities, (presentation), GECOMO: An Implementation of Extended COCOMO®
Walker E. Royce - PCOC: A Complete, User-Tailored, Interactive Cost Analysis Tool Based on COCOMO®
Gregory Lazarev, Winston G. Gresov - Logic Programming as a Software Engineering Tool, Logic Programming (PROLOG): A Powerful Tool
Bernward Jopen - Experience with the Constructive Cost Model in Data Communications S/W-Projects
George J. Bozoki - A Software Sizing Model
Roger D.H. Warburton - Cost Estimation for Very High Level Languages
Edward J. Szwedo - COCOMO® in the Software Support Environment