University of Southern California

1986 COCOMO® and Software Cost Modeling International Forum 2

Presentations and Binder Materials


Richard E. Fairley - The Software Engineering Research Center (SERC)
Richard E. Fairley - A Sizing Model
Barry Boehm - Issues in Data Collection
Lorraine Duvall - Software Cost Estimation Technology Transfer
Yukio Miyazaki and Kuniaki Mori - COCOMO® Evaluation and Tailoring
Niall Ross - Software Data Library
Ronald Gulezian - Utilizing COCOMO® Inputs as a Basis for Developing Generalized Software Development Cost Estimation Models Calibrating and Transporting COCOMO®
Kathleen F. Gies - KOKOMO Knowledge-Based Prototype of Intermediate COCOMO®
Tom Lydon, Brian Poynton, and Suzanne Dubois-Rodriques - WICOMO at Raytheon: Modifications and Configuration Control in a Multidivisional Company
Nigel Beckwith - Incremental Development in GECOMO
Ed Dunn - MacCOMO - COCOMO® for the Macintosh Computer
Walker Royce - PCOC: An Interactive COCOMO® for the IBM PC
W. B. Goethert - SECOMO
Stephan Greene - DEST: A Tool for Integrating Cost Estimates
Alan E. Merdek and Lawrence M. Pizette - Raytheon's Historical Cost Database (Part II)
John Jenkins - Integrated Management Process Workbench
Louis Cohen - Using COCOMO® to Evaluate Costs of Data Rights & Software Licenses
Paul Rook - A Project Management Toolset Incorporating GECOMO
June Verner and Graham Tate - A Model for Software Sizing (paper)
A. Caccamese, L. Cappello, and G. Dodero - A Comparison of SLIM and COCOMO® Estimates Versus Historical Man-Power and Effort Allocation (paper)
Herm Fischer - Cost Benefit Study on Ada
Walker Royce - Ada COCOMO® Overview
Paul Rook - A Project Management Toolset Incorporating GECOMO