University of Southern California

1987 COCOMO® and Software Cost Modeling International Forum 3

Presentations and Binder Materials

Karen W. Pullen - Uncertainty Analysis with COCOMO®
Paul Rook - Project Control through Automation of the Methodology Implied in COCOMO® Estimation
Nigel Beckwith - GECOMO Extensions and Usage
Lowell Simons and Haj Ray Kile - The AFCMD Software Estimating Project and REVIC Estimating - S/W Management Model
Software Development Project Summary Data
Larry E. Druffel - Welcome to the Software Engineering Institute
Barry Boehm - Ada COCOMO®: TRW IOC Version
Donald Reifer - Ada: A Quantitative Assessment
A Toolbox to: Measure Productivity Estimate Size Plan & Control
June Verner and Graham Tate - Case Study: Effort and Size Estimation for an Administrative System Developed Incrementally Using a 4GL
George J. Bozoki - Software Size Estimator and Software Sizing Model
Bernie Roush and Bill Reini - COSTMODL a Software Development Cost Estimating Tool Developed by the NASA Johnson Space Center
Ronald Goudy - COCOMO® Based on Personnel Requirements Model
SECOMO Briefing Preliminary Draft
Donald Reifer - An Introduction to RCI'S Resource Estimation Tools
Cynthia Nyborg - Detailed COCOMO® Applied to Real-time Systems at Xerox
Richard E. Fairly - Process Oriented Approach to Software Cost Estimation
Andrea Caccamese - PACOS: An Integrated Planning and Control System
Donald Reifer - A New Approach to Software Operations and Support Modeling
Selena D. Reece and Maureen J. Kutzik - ESCOMO
Integrated Management Process Workbench A Step to Successful Software Project Management
Victor M. Helbling - Military Resume
COCOMO® Application in a Manpower Management Survey
NATO Unclassified
Nigel Beckwith - GECOMO GECOMO Staff Option GENOS Project Management Toolset
Software Size Estimating