University of Southern California

1994 COCOMO® and Software Cost Modeling International Forum 9

Presentations and Binder Materials


Richard W. Selby - Automated Software Measurement
Barry Boehm - Tutorial: COCOMO®, Ada COCOMO® and COCOMO® 2.0
Barry Boehm - COCOMO® 2.0: Recent Developments
Ray Madachy - Development of a Software Cost Estimation Process
Jed Johnson - Motorola's Information Systems Group Estimation Process
Stuart E. Glickman - Joint Telecommunications Estimation Study
Roberto De Bonis, Roberto Squarotti, Ioannis Stamelos - Bellcore-CSELT Collaborative Project: CSELT approach and results (paper)
Paul Rook - A Software Cost Estimating Evolution Framework
Nikki Panlilio-Yap, Danny Ho - Deploying Software Estimation Technology and Tools: The IBM Software Solutions Toronto Lab Experience (paper)
Glenn W. Boyce Jr., Thomas J. Restivo - Applying Qualitative Risk Analysis to Software Maintenance
William Duncan - Project Resource Estimates (paper)
Bruce E. Fad - Adapting Computer Aided Parametric Estimating (CAPE) to Process Maturity Levels (paper)
Li-Chu Lee, Wan-Fu Heung, Yeng Chen - An Effective Estimation for Software System Testing in Taiwan
J. Akoka, D. Briolat, I. Comyn-Wattiau - Ex-post and Ex-ante Predictive Models for Software Effort Estimation
Richard D. Stutzke - A Mathematical Expression of Brooks' Law (paper)
Bill Samson, Ian Marshall, Pat Dugard - Multimedia Courseware Cost Modelling