University of Southern California

1996 USC-CSE Annual Research Review

Presentations and Binder Materials


Monday - Tuesday, March 11 - 12


Barry Boehm - COCOMO® 2.0 Model Update
Brad Clark - Process Maturity / Cost Analysis
Richard W. Selby - Amadeus Measurement-Driven Analysis and Feedback System
Christopher Abts - COTS Software Research Effort Status Briefing
Sunita Devnani - Software Cost/Quality Modeling
Raymond J. Madachy - COCOMO® 2.0 Affiliate Usage Experience Update
Charity Nosse - USC CSE Affiliate's Experience

COCOMO® 2.0 Cost Estimation Questionnaire

USC COCOMO® 2.0 Reference Manual

COCOMO® 2.0 Model Definition Manual

Barry Boehm - Win Win Concept of Operation and Benefits
Ellis Horowitz - The WinWin System for Collaboration and Negotiation
Prasanta Bose - WinWin Usage Support and Future Directions

WinWin Reference Manual

Barry Boehm - Overview: USC-CSE Annual Research Review
Robert Balzer - Architectures and Program Generation
David S. Wile - Architecture Description Languages
David Garlan, Robert Monroe, David Wile - ACME: an Architecture Exchange Language
Ahmed A. Abd-Allah - the Architect's Automated Assistant
Barry Boehm - Anchoring the Software Process
Current Status
Brad Clark - COCOMO® 2.0 and Process Maturity Effects
Mingjune Lee - WinWin Formal Modeling
Hoh In - Cost and Quality Negotiation Aids: QARCC (Quality Attribute and Risk Conflict Consultant) and S-COST (Software Cost Option Strategy Tool)
Eberhardt Rechtin - Software and Systems Architecting
Walt Scacchi - Software Process Reengineering: CSE Working Group Report
W. Lewis Johnson - Software Understanding
Affiliates' Panel: The World Wide Web and Its Implications for Software Engineering
Demonstration Guide