University of Southern California

1997 COCOMO® and Software Cost Modeling International Forum 12

Presentations and Binder Materials


Bradfork K. Clark - The Effect of SEI-CMM Process Maturity on Software Effort
Sunita Devnani-Chulani - COCOMO® II.1997: Calibration and Plans
Dan Ferens, Wayne Bernheisel - Calibration of the COCOMO® II Model to an Air Force Database
Roberto Cordero, Mario Costamagna, Elio Paschetta - A Genetic Algorithm Approach for the Calibration of COCOMO®-like Models
Lee Fischman - Calibrating A Software Evaluation Model
Christopher Abts - COTS and NDI Software Integration Cost Estimation
Richard D. Stutzke - Quantifying the Costs of COTS Volatility (paper)
Adrian Cowderoy, John Donaldson, John Jenkins - Costing multimedia
Stuart Glickman - Process Maturity Estimation Model Validation Quantifying the Value of Improving Software Process Maturity
Jeff Singer, Cindy Friedman - A Comparison of the COCOMO® and SLIM Cost Estimation Models in Commercial Product Development Environments
R. Marwane, A. Zeid, A. Mili - Adapting TUCOMO to Modern Programming Paradigms
Hoh In - Software Cost Negotiation Aids: S-COST (Software Cost Option Strategy Tool)
Barry Boehm, Hoh In - Conflict Analysis and Negotiation Aids for Cost-Quantity Requirements (paper)
Barry Boehm - COCOMO® II as an Architecture Attribute Analysis Aid