University of Southern California

1998 COCOMO® and Software Cost Modeling International Forum 13

Presentations and Binder Materials


Barry Boehm - COCOMO® II and Extensions
Richard E. (Dick) Fairley - Estimating Software Size
Barry Boehm - COCOMO® II Status and Extensions
Barry Boehm, Christopher Abts, Elizabeth (Betsy) Bailey - COCOTS (COnstructive COTS) Software Integration Cost Model: Overview & Status
A. Winsor Brown - CORADMO
Sunita Chulani, Barry Boehm, Bert Steece - Calibrating Software Cost Models Using Bayesian Analysis (paper)
Sunita Chulani - COQUALMO (COnstructive QUALity MOdel): Quality Model Extension to COCOMO® II
Jongmoon Baik, Yundae Chung - Tool Ratings and Effects on Software Development Effort
Barry Boehm - COCOMO® Productivity Improvement Model (COPROMO)
Petri Vesterinen - Hierarchical Software Size Metrics (paper)
Peter Hantos - Strengths and Weaknesses of the GQM Approach in Developing Software Size Metrics
Serge Oligny, Alain Abran, Jean-Marc Desharnais, Pam Morris - Functional Size of Real Time Software: Overview of Field Tests (paper)
Even-Andre Karlsson, Kjall Jarvliden - Good Practice Effort Estimation in Ericsson's AXE 10
Richard D. Stutzke - Possible UML-Based Size Measures (paper)
Erik Stensrud - Estimating with Enhanced Object Points vs. Function Points (paper)
Adrian Cowderoy, John Jenkins - Quality Assessment of Cost-Estimating Models
Jeff Singer - A Note on the Calibration of COCOMO® II to Project Environments With Limited Historical Data
Santha Kumar - MIEL Experience in Calibration of COCOMO® II Post Architecture Model (paper)
Rhoda Novak - Software Cost Estimation Challenges for the Future
Carol A. Dekkers - Advancements in Function Points --Improvements, Refinements and International Initiatives
Kawal S. Banga - Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics Software Metrics (paper)