University of Southern California

1999 USC-CSE Annual Research Review and Technology Week

Presentations and Binder Materials


Monday, February 8


Barry Boehm - COCOMO® II.1999
Jongmoon Baik - Tool Ratings and Effects on Software Development Effort
Sunita Chulani - Expert-Judgment Calibrated Quality Model Extension to COCOMO® II: COQUALMO (COnstructive QUALity MOdel)
Chris Abts - COCOTS Software Integration Cost Model: Insights & Status
A. Winsor Brown - Code Count A Copy-Lefted Tool
Cyrus Fakharzadeh - CORADMO Constructive Rapid Application Development Model
A. Winsor Brown - COPROMO Constructive Productive Model
Alexander Egyed - UML View Integration
Nenad Medvidovic - Assessing UML's Suitability for Modeling Software Architectures
Nenad Medvidovic - A Comparative Analysis of Architecture Description Languages
Dave Wile - Acme: a Language for Architecture Exchange and Analysis
Dave Wile - Mediated Connectors

Jason E. Robbins, Nenad Medvidovic, David F. Redmiles, David S. Rosenblum - Integrating Architecture Description Languages with a Standard Design Method
Nenad Medvidovic, David S. Rosenblum - Assessing the Suitability of a Standard Design Method for Modeling Software Architectures
Nenad Medvidovic, Richard N. Taylor - A Framework for Classifying and Comparing Architecture Description Languages


Tuesday, February 9


Barry Boehm - Model Clashes and MBASE Model-Based (System) Architecting and Software Engineering (MBASE)
Dan Port - Simplifiers and Complicators: A Tale of Two Cultures
Phil Reese, Anne Lynch - CSE/ISD Partnership
Hoh In - WinWin Negotiation Analysis (Quality Attribute Focus) (Part 1, Part 2)
Dan Port - UML and MBASE
Marwan Abi-Antoun - Guidelines for Model-Based Architecting and Software (System) Engineering (MBASE)
Ali Erdem - TORTOISE Task Orientation and Tailoring Of Interactive Software Explanations
Barry Boehm - Software Engineering Decision Assistant (SEDA)


Ali Erdem, W. Lewis Johnson, Stacy Marsella - User and Task Tailored Software Explanations


Wednesday, February 10


Overview Presentations
Barry Boehm - Software Engineering Knowledge Acquisition and Management
Steve Cross - Towards Whole Process Solutions for Y3K Organizations
George Bekey - The New Infrastructure: Leveraging the Workforce for the Next Century
Panel: Commercial Sector Issues and Initiatives
Walker Royce - Selling and Delivering Software Development Excellence
Ram Chillarege - Center for Software Engineering
Panel: Aerospace Sector Issues and Initiatives
Arthur Pyster - A Software Engineering Competency Model
David Evans - Meeting Learning Needs At The Aerospace Corporation
Wayne Sebera - Issues and Initiatives in Software Engineering Knowledge Acquisition and Management
Emerging Technology
Bob Balzer - NT Security & Integration Enhancement
Walt Scacchi - Developing a Knowledge Web for Process Redesign
Warner Schaer - Leveraging Software Engineering to Solve the IT Issues of the Next Decade
Anthony I. Wasserman - Personal and Organizational Knowledge Management


Thursday, February 11


Barry Boehm - Reprise of USC-CSE SEDA Experiences (Software Engineering Decision Assistant)
John Salasin - Requirements and Rationale Capture: Current research and promising approaches
Rick Hefner - Software Engineering Knowledge Acquisition and Management
Lisa Finneran - Enterprise Knowledge Management
Marc I. Kellner - Providing Process Guidance on the Web
Douglas White - Automating Software Engineering Knowledge Delivery
Barry Boehm - Overview: Focused Workshop on Automating Software Engineering Knowledge Delivery


Friday, February 12


Barry Boehm - Process Breakout Group



Marwan Abi-Antoun, Chia-Wei Hsu, Yu-Ting Catherine Kao, Rajnish Lal, John Chang Hoon Lee, MingWai (Victor) Lee, Nikunj R. Mehta, Vinyoo Pichpongsa, Merve Kezban Turgut, Patrick Ward

Presenter Bios

Stephen E. Cross, David J. Evans, Lisa Finneran, Rick Hefner, Tony Jordano, Marc I. Kellner, Fred Maymir-Ducharme, Neno Medvidovic, Arthur B. Pyster, Brad Rucker, Werner Schaer, Leonard M. Silverman, C. Dennis Weiss, Douglas A. White


Bradford K. Clark - Effects of Process Maturity on Development Effort
Sunita Chulani, Barry Boehm, Bert Steece - Calibrating Software Cost Models Using Bayesian Analysis
Barry Boehm, A. Winsor Brown, Prasanta Bose - KBSA Life Cycle Evaluation Volume 1