University of Southern California

1999 COCOMO® and Software Cost Modeling International Forum 14

Presentations and Binder Materials


Barry Boehm - The Future of Software Processes, with Implications for Cost and Schedule Estimation
Barry Boehm - Overview: Focused Workshop on Software Cost, Schedule, and Process
Ray Madachy - Cost/Schedule/Process Modeling via System Dynamics
Barry Boehm - COCOMO® II Overview
Sunita Chulani - The Rosetta Stone: Making Your COCOMO® Estimates Work with COCOMO® II
A. Winsor Brown - COPSEMO Constructive Phase Schedule and Effort Model
Barry Boehm, A. Winsor Brown, Cyrus Fakharzadeh - MBASE/RUP Phase and Activity Distribution
Chris Abts, Barry Boehm, Betsy Bailey Clark - COCOTS Status
Ray Madachy, Denton Tarbet - Initial Experiences in Software Process Modeling
Don Reifer - Software Reuse Economics
Barry Boehm - Future Trends in Software Economics
Ed Rusis - Rational Dashboard Enabling Best Practices via Metrics (paper)
Richard D. Stutzke - Defining Cycle Time (paper)
Lori Vaughn, Marilee Wheaton, Steven Wong - Cost as An Independent Variable (CAIV) Trades Using COCOMO® II
Rick Hefner - Estimation Concepts in the New CMM
Anca-Juliana Stoica - Facets of the Software Development Represented by Model Systems: Analysis and Enhancement (paper)
Tools Fair
Adrian Cowderoy - Size and quality measures for multimedia and web-site production (paper)
Serge Oligny, Alain Abran, Denis St-Pierre - Improving Software Functional Size Measurement (paper)
Lee Fischman - A Size Metric For UML
Peter Hantos - A Practical Approach to Quantifying Risk Evaluation Results (paper)
Daniel Port, Monica McArthur - A Study of Productivity and Efficiency for Object-Oriented Methods and Languages
Dan Strickland, Nhuchi Khong - REVIC II: Converting the REVIC model to COCOMO® II (paper)
William H. Roetzheim - Proposal for a Cost Estimating Industry Consortium
Barry Boehm - COCOMO® II Phase and Activity Distributions for the MBASE/Rational RUP Model (paper)
A. Winsor Brown - CORADMO Summary (paper)
Barry Boehm, Kevin Sullivan - Software Economics: Status and Prospects (paper)

Gopi K. Agrawal, Jongmoon Baik, Hwan Dong, Siddharth Jain, Aasit Shah, Baoshi Yan, Yin Zhang