University of Southern California

2000 USC-CSE Annual Research Review and Technology Week

Presentations and Binder Materials


Tuesday, February 8


Barry Boehm - USC-CSE Highlights

COCOMO® II Presentations
Barry Boehm - Software Cost Estimation with COCOMO® II: An Overview of the Book
Ray Madachy - System Dynamics Modeling
Chris Abts - COCOTS Status: Executive Overview

MBASE and WinWin
Nikunj Mehta - MBASE 577a Electronic Process Guide
Ann Majchrzak - Beyond Participation: Understanding When and How to Involve Users
Daniel Port - MBASE Experience at Columbia Fall 1999
Paul Grünbacher - EasyWinWin Collaborative Requirements Negotiation (white paper)


Software Architectures
David Wile - Architecture Designs as Domain-Specific Languages
Nenad Medvidovic - SAAGE - An Environment for Software Architecture, Analysis, Generation, and Evolution
Alexander Egyed - Using Automated Transformation to Enable Scaleable Consistency Checking
Nikunj Mehta - Towards a Taxonomy of Software Connectors
Ellis Horowitz - Distance Education and Information Technology
Barry Boehm - MBASE, CMMI, and Benefits Realization


Wednesday, February 9


Barry Boehm - Welcome and Overview

Executive Perspectives
Jack Ferguson - Evolutionary Acquisition in DoD - Updating Acquisition Policy
Arthur Pyster - Increased Responsiveness Through Spiral Process
Richard DeMillo - Technologies

Commercial Spiral Experience
Charles Leinbach - E-Business and Spiral Development
Peter Hantos - From Spiral to Anchored Processes: A Wild Ride in Lifecycle Architecting (abstract)
Walker Royce - The Rational Unified Process A Commercially Available Spiral Model Implementation

Government/Aerospace Spiral Experience
Ross McNutt - Reducing Air Force Acquisition Response Times and Spiral Development (bio)
Beverly Kitaoka - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow Implementations of the Development Lifecycles

Solution Provider Experiences
Lisa Finneran - Lessons Learned form Applying the Evolutionary Spiral Process

John Foreman - Breakout Group Re-baselining


Thursday, February 10


Spiral Experience Presentations
Dorothy McKinney - Impact of Spiral Development on Integrating Software and Systems
Larry Bernstein - Automation of Provisioning
Larry McKee - Aerospace C2ISR "Spiral Development"
T.N. Bostelaar - TRW Spiral Development Experience on Command & Control Product Lines Program
Rami Razouk - Spiral Development Experience Report


Friday, February 11


Barry Boehm and Kevin J. Sullivan - Software Economics (paper)
Thomas F. Saunders - Spiral Acquisition and the Integrated Command and Control System
Thomas F. Saunders - A Vision of the Future for the Air Force (and perhaps the whole DoD) (paper)

Working groups

Breakout groups

Spiral Experience Workshop

Software Engineering Summer Interns

Sirirat Aramsereeewong - Jongmoon Baik - Warapa Bunnapasak - Patcharee Busarawong - Hwan Dong - Yunjian (Jack) Duan - Luis Santiago Fenandez de Peon - Siddharth Jain - Abhishek R. Lal - Le Li (Kevin) - Andy Yung-Chih Lin - Chiram Littleton - Jignesh Mehta - Edriss N. Merchant - Maysinee Nakmanee - Priyanka Pushkarna - Mehmet Sahinarslan - Aasit Shah - Meher Shah - Shalin Shah - Gurucharan Shenoy - Patrarin Siritaranukul - Ashish K. Soni - Baoshi Yan - Yin Zhang

Affiliate Info

NSF Proposal

Presenter Bios
Barry Boehm - Ellis Horowitz - Ann Majchrzak - Nenad Medvidovic - Daniel N. Port - Rayford B. Vaughn, Jr.

Barry Boehm - Gaining Intellectual Control of Software Development Results of an NSF Software Engineering Research Strategies Workshop


Barry Boehm - Breakout Group Summaries
Barry Boehm - Spiral Development: Experience, Principles, and Refinements