Integrating Systems and Software Engineering with the Incremental Commitment Model
Washington, DC, July 15-17, 2008


One of the major initiatives of the OUSD(AT&L)/Systems and Software Engineering Directorate is to develop the next generation of process guidance for integrating systems and software engineering (IS&SE) on DoD projects.  As with our other initiatives, we want this to be a community effort, and invite your participation in the next IS&SE Workshop in Washington, DC, July 15-17, 2008. It will be at the “300M" Building, 300 M Street SE, next to the Navy Yard site and Metro stopThe conference hotel will be the (Marriott) Courtyard Washington Capitol Hill/Navy Yard, 140 L Street SE, Washington, DC 20003, (202) 479-0027.

We have engaged the University of Southern California Center for Systems and Software Engineering (USC/CSSE) to lead the Workshop, and to present the results of their work to date for us in evaluating current DoD IS&SE guidance and in developing the Incremental Commitment Model (ICM) as a framework for a next generation of process guidance for integrating not just systems and software engineering but also hardware and human factors engineering.

A particular focus of the Workshop will be to work out how the ICM or modifications to it could best help DoD to capitalize on the opportunities and address the engineering challenges of implementing the recent USD(AT&L) John Young memorandum on Competitive Prototyping (CP).  In a March 2008 AT&L/SSE-USC/CSSE kickoff workshop on IS&SE with the ICM, some major conclusions were that the ICM framework was a good fit to the CP objectives, but that a good deal of elaboration and complementary work would be needed to ensure that the CP objectives would be fully realized across the wide variety of DoD systems, systems of systems, families of systems, and enterprises.  Results of this Workshop and other read-ahead material for the Workshop are available on the USC/CSSE Workshop web site at http://sunset.usc.edu/csse/event/2008/ISSE_ICM/pages/material.html.  Examples include the results of the recent SSE-NDIA Workshop on Software Acquisition, which also included pro-active systems and software engineering preparations for implementing CP as its top-priority recommendation.

A Preliminary Agenda for the Workshop is available at http://sunset.usc.edu/csse/event/2008/ISSE_ICM/pages/program.html.  On Monday morning, July 14, USC will present a half-day tutorial on the ICM and how it relates to the P&C initiative.  Monday afternoon will focus on a series of SSE/NDIA initiatives: an initial survey on the engineering aspects of CP, and a series of tasks to analyze CP experience and develop guidelines for successful CP execution.  Tuesday, July 15, will involve a Keynote Address by Kristen Baldwin, Acting Director of OUSD(AT&L)/SSE; a USC overview of the ICM and the Workshop; a summary of the Monday workshop results; and presentations on related SSE initiatives; followed by initial Working Group introduction sessions addressing Acquisition/Process, Architecture/Product, and Systems of Systems aspects of the overall Workshop focus.  Wednesday, July 16, will be dedicated to the working groups identifying, prioritizing, issues related to their topic, and preparing a draft set of conclusions and recommendations.  On Thursday, July 17, the working groups will present draft summaries, discuss overlaps and underlaps, and revise the summaries for presentation to SSE leadership in the early afternoon.  The Workshop will end by 3pm on Thursday.

We would like to have broad and active participation of the SSE community in the Workshop.  We would encourage you to contribute your IS&SE and P&C-related experiences, lessons learned, and initiatives to the Workshop and Working Group sessions.  I hope that you will be able to be an active participant in this key Workshop.

Bruce Amato, Acting Deputy Director,
OUSD(AT&L) Software Engineering and System Assurance Office

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