Workshop Background Materials


The following are suggested readings for those planning to attend the "Integrating Systems and Software Engineering (IS&SE) with the Incremental Commitment Model (ICM)" Workshop.  The key points in these readings will be summarized in some of the workshop briefings, but participants are encouraged read further in their areas of interest.

IS&SE 2007 Study for DoD/SSE Final Report

        1-IS&SE Final Report Exec Summary 123107.doc

        2-IS&SE Final Report Charts 123107.ppt

        3-IS&SE Workshop Summary Report.doc

Using the Incremental Model TR USC-CSSE-2007-715.doc

An ICM-Based Process Decision Table for IS&SE.doc

SE-Guide-for-SoS Pre Release.pdf (OSD Pre Release)

Competitive Prototyping Overview1.ppt

NDIA SW Acquisition UNIFIED outbrief 2008-04-1632.ppt

Using ICM to Help Execute CP5.ppt


Feasibility Evidence Developmentv9.ppt

ICM Tutorial 14 Jul 2008 v9.ppt


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