Society of Automotive Engineers’ Architecture Analysis & Design Language Winter Meeting

February 2-5 2009

Host:   Center for System and Software Engineering (CSSE)
University of Southern California

The Society of Automotive Engineers’ (SAE) Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) is a standard (AS5506) architecture description language for real-time, fault-tolerant, scalable, embedded, modular, distributed, multiprocessor systems (  It provides a common precise language for capturing computer software and hardware architecture for analysis and system integration.  It supports system trade-off analysis, system tuning, architectural verification and automated system integration.  It was designed to enable the development of highly evolvable systems, development methods based on early, incremental, formal analyses of a system’s computer architecture, and rapid incremental development of prototypes that can evolve directly into the final production system. 

The following paragraphs describe some highlights of winter meeting.

  • A day (“User’s Day”) of presentations on architectures and engineering research, including the following:
    • AADL-researchers on three US and European industrial research initiatives that demonstrate significant capability for architecture analysis and code generation from AADL specifications;
    • CSSE on its research on software architectures, and its new Incremental Commitment Model for system & software development;
    • Software Engineering Institute on architectural modeling of security and architectural verification and validation.
  • A 2-hour tutorial on AADL from 3:30 to 5:30 on Tuesday, Feb. 3.
  • 2.5 day AADL Standardization meeting.  If attending,
    contact Bruce Lewis, Chair.

Please see the program for details of User’s Day and the AADL workshop.

If you are planning to attend the User Day or tutorial in person or remotely, please contact Bruce Lewis at

If you are interested in attending the AADL Standardization Meeting Feb. 3-5, please contact Bruce Lewis at the above address.

If you have questions about local arrangements, please contact Ed Colbert at

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