Software systems of today are becoming increasingly distributed, decentralized, and mobile.  They are embedded in the multitude of devices we use in our every-day lives and are an essential part of most of our activities.  Examples abound: from smart phones to smart homes; from GPS receivers to satellites; from simple calculators to mobile grids; and many, many others.

These systems must be fast, efficient, fluid, highly adaptable, robust, tolerant to a wide variety of faults and misues and, above all, usable and useful.  They execute on a variety of heterogeneous hardware platforms and operating systems, in many programming languages and dialects, relying on different interaction protocols and data formats.  And they are invariably integrated into larger systems-of-systems, likely in ways that their original developers had not envisioned.

This year's CSSE Annual Research Review (ARR) is scheduled to take place March 16-18, and will focus on the area of embedded systems.  The event will provide participants several forums for discussing the inherent system modeling, analysis, implementation, testing, deployment, maintenance, and evolution challenges.  These forums will include the focused workshops on March 16, the research presentations from CSSE personnel on March 17, and the executive workshop on March 18.

The objective of the ARR is to exchange ideas, highlight shared problems, and attempt to identify promising models, methods, techniques, and tools for engineering embedded software-intensive systems.

For further information, please contact Ms. Julie Sanchez at

We hope to see you in March!

Nenad Medvidovic
CSE Director
CSSE Director
Stan Settles
SAE Director
CSSE co-Director

In addition to several planned invited talks, we are soliciting speakers for this event. Please submit titles and abstracts by February 27, 2009 to Dr. Nenad Medvidovic at neno@usc.edu.


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