DoD Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC)

Kickoff Tasks Workshop

Davidson Conference Center, USC - January 29-30, 2009


The SERC is the Department of Defense’s new University Affiliated Research Center (UARC) for systems engineering.  It is sponsored by the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense (Acquisition and Technology) and the National Security Agency.   It was won competitively by a team of 18 universities, led by Stevens Institute and USC.   This workshop will address the SERC’s first two tasks.  One is to provide the sponsors and DoD with assessments of available systems engineering effectiveness measures (EMs).  The other is to similarly assess available systems engineering methods, processes, and tools (MPTs).

The tasks have two main objectives.  One is to identify and propagate information about the best-available EMs and MPTs in three DoD domains (weapons platforms, systems of systems, and net-centric services) across three levels of management (contractors, DoD Program Managers and Program Executive Officers, and DoD enterprise management).  The other is to work with its sponsors to develop an agenda of EM and MPT research; technology maturity and transition;  and technology awareness and education that help the DoD effect continuous improvement of its systems engineering capabilities.  More information about the SERC can be found at http://www.sercuarc.org 

The first day of the workshop, January 29, is for just the EM and MPT task teams to coordinate their progress and plans, and to prepare presentations and discussion items for the second day.  The second day, January 30, will bring together the task teams, the SERC sponsors and other collaborating institutions, and DoD-related industry and government systems engineering stakeholders to assimilate the tasks’ plans and progress to date, and to explore opportunities for participating in EM and MPT evaluations planned as parts of the tasks.  We will provide overviews of the SERC and tasks by the sponsors, SERC leadership, and task leaders; followed by breakout sessions to discuss EM and MPT experiences, needs, and opportunities for further collaborative activities.  The workshop will end at 3pm with short summaries and identification of next steps by the EM and MPT task leaders.

There will be no charge for the workshop.  Dress will be business casual.  We hope that you will be able to participate, and look forward to this and future opportunities for SERC community collaboration.


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