DoD Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC)
Systems Engineering Effectiveness Measures Workshop
September 8, 2009
Stevens Institute Office, Reagan Center
1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC

Our SERC Systems Engineering (SE) Effectiveness Measures (EM) project has developed an assessment framework and two tools for assessing a project's SE effectiveness during its early stages, to serve as early project risk indicators.  These are the Systems Engineering Performance Assessment Tool (SEPAT) and the  Systems Engineering Competency Assessment Tool (SECAT).  Their content has been based on an analysis of the leading sources of information on DoD SE effectiveness assessment.
The tools have been evaluated across about a dozen pilot projects.  Some have been ongoing projects; some have been completed projects.  Overall, the evaluations of the tools have been positive, but several shortfalls have been identified.  We are also completing an analysis of the tools' coverage with respect to the DoD Systemic Analysis Data Base (SADB), with positive results to date, and similar results in mapping between the EM framework and the SADB-related Defense Acquisition Program Support (DAPS) Methodology.
We have also prepared plans for completing this phase of the EM task by September 30, which would include generally-usable versions of the tools and related documentation, and draft plans for addressing the feedback to date in the next phase of the EM project.  Candidate next-phase tasks identified so far include framework and tool tailoring and extension guidelines, tool robustness and usage aids, top-risk summaries by domain based on tool usage analysis, guidance for mitigating the risks, and coordination with related efforts such as the INCOSE Leading Indicators project and the various enterprise-level personnel competency initiatives in DoD, NDIA, and INCOSE.
The objectives of the workshop are to make the EM framework and tools better known, and to obtain feedback on other related needs and on priorities for next-phase tasks.  We welcome your participation; there will be no registration fee.


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