SysML materials

SysML eBook - "Embedded Systems Development Using SysML" for Doug Rosenberg's presentation on "SysML Roadmap 'ICONIX Process for Embedded Systems', illustrating 'the four pillars of SysML' and some interesting tools capabilities like VHDL code generation from state machines using the Audio Player example" in this document.

WBS materials

Software Maintenance Cost Worksheet and Software Operations, Maintenance and Support Work Breakdown Structure - handouts for Don Reifer's presentation on "Total Cost of Software Maintenance Workshop Report."

ICM materials

USC-CSSE-2009-500 - Barry Boehm, Jo Ann Lane, "Guide for Using the Incremental Commitment Model (ICM) for Systems Engineering of DoD Projects" (pdf)

SERC materials

USC-CSSE-2009-518 - Barry Boehm, Dan Ingold, A. Winsor Brown, Jo Ann Lane, George Friedman, Kathleen Dangle, Linda Esker, Forrest Shull, Rich Turner, Jon Wade, Mark Weitekamp, Paul Componation, Sue O'Brien, Dawn Sabados, Julie Fortune, Alfred Brown, "Early Identification of SE-Related Program Risks," SERC, September 30, 2009 (pdf)

SEPRT Tool (v2.4.1) (xls)

SECRT Tool (v2.4.1) (xls)

SERC EM Capability Pilot User's Guide (11/8/09) (doc)

HSI materials

"HSI Requirements Exercise" Kevin Liu (MIT) Handout

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