Preliminary Agenda


Monday, March 8

Barry Boehm's workshop
AM -- Next-Generation Software Sizing and Costing Metrics Workshop -- Brad Clark
PM -- Total Cost of Software Maintenance Workshop -- Don Reifer

PATFrame workshop (by invitation only)
The project team (USC, MIT, UTA and Softstar Systems) will convene in SAL 322 to plan for the week's events.

Tuesday, March 9

Faculty et al.

Azad M. Madni Rapid Interdisciplinary Collaboration
William GJ Halfond Cybersecurity Testing and Analysis
JoAnn Lane Systems of Systems Challenges and Strategies
Barry Boehm SERC Status and Collaboration Opportunities
Dan Ingold SERC Systems Engineering Risk Assessment Tools
Cliff Neuman SERC Security Systems Engineering Initiative
Brad Clark Next-Generation Software Sizing and Costing Metrics Workshop Report
Don Reifer Total Cost of Software Maintenance Workshop Report

PhD Students

Supannika Koolmanojwong Service-Based Software-System Development
Ali Malik Normalizing Requirements Expansion
Vu Nguyen Software Maintenence Cost Estimation
Di Wu WikiWinWin Requirements Negotiation
Ivo Krka Synthesizing Partial Component-Level Behavior Models
Daniel Popsescu Impact Analysis for Event-Based Systems
Jae young Bang (Master's Student) CoDesign ­ A Collaborative Software Modeling Tool
George Edwards Meta-Configurable Model Analysis and Code Generation Frameworks
David Woollard A Domain-Specific Software Architecture for Workflow-Based Science Data Systems
Hossein Tajalli and Joshua Garcia Model- and Plan-Based Software Architecture Adaptation

Reception and Demos

Affiliates Dinner

Wednesday, March 10

Executive Workshop
(Theme: Systems and Software Engineering: Two Sides of the Same Coin)
Confirmed speakers to date:
 Barry Boehm, USC
 Susan Ferreira, UT Arlington
 Richard Taylor, UC Irvine
 Ricardo Valerdi, MIT
 Gary Hafen, Lockheed Martin
 TS Mohan, Infosys
 Doug Rosenberg, ICONIX
 Neil Siegel, Northrop Grumman
Please check regularly for updates

Thursday, March 11

COSYSMO workshop
A workshop on COSYSMO (Constructive Systems Engineering Cost Model) and systems engineering cost estimation will be held to present results from both industry and academic researchers, as well as identify opportunities for future research. Both new and experienced attendees are invited to participate. For more information, contact Jared Fortune [fortune "at" usc "dot" edu].

PATFrame workshop for transition partners
As a continuation of our Jan 2010 workshop at the ITEA conference in El Paso, we are inviting our DoD transition partners to participate in a focused workshop to provide feedback on PATFrame (Prescriptive Adaptive Test Framework). This DoD-funded project is aimed at addressing current and future challenges of test & evaluation of unmanned & autonomous SoS in a net-centric environment. For more information, contact Ricardo Valerdi [rvalerdi "at" mit "dot" edu].


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