CSSE Lifetime Achievement Award

CSSE Lifetime Achievement Award & Distinguished Lecture in Systems and Software Cost Estimation

Beginning with the 20th International Forum on COCOMO® and Systems/Software Cost Estimation in 2005, the Center for Systems and Software Engineering at the University of Southern California established the Annual CSSE Lifetime Achievement Award to be awarded to a distinguished individual or team who has made unique and lasting contributions to the state of the art, practice, or teaching of cost estimation throughout their career.

The recipient is one whose talent has in a fundamental way supported CSSE’s mission of Evolving and Unifying Theories and Practices of Systems and Software Engineering; and whose work has stood the test of time.  Contributions can be in the form of development/advancement of cost estimation tools, inception/refinement of advanced methods or frameworks, development/validation of theories, or improvement of cost model adoption beyond its current bounds.  Special interest is in recognizing unsung heroes in the estimation field who helped advance the field in ways that may not be visible to the entire community but have fundamentally influenced the way organizations do cost estimation.

Evidence of impact may exist in the form of conference papers, books, newspaper articles, testimonials, software products, or internal company documentation that has elevated the field of cost estimation in government, academia, or industry.

The recipient is selected by the CSSE Awards Committee which is made up of USC faculty, alumni, affiliates and past recipients.  The Award will be presented at the annual International Forum on COCOMO® and Systems/Software Cost Modeling.

Recipients will be asked to share their experiences and vision in the form of a Distinguished Lecture at the same venue.  The purpose of the lecture is to enthusiastically demonstrate to the broader community the contributions and impact of the field from the individual’s perspective.


For more information: http://csse.usc.edu

Awardees to date:
2005: Richard D. Stutzke
2006: Gary D. Thomas
2007: Marilee J. Wheaton
2008: Jairus M. Hihn

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