Systems in the 21st Century:
Clouds, Grids, Web Services, Open Source, and Architecture

The way we compute, and construct systems, today is quickly becoming very different from how this was done even a few years ago.  This has been underscored by the proliferation of tremendously varied and powerful open-source capabilities, access to such capabilities as Web services, and the recent emergence, first, of grids and, more recently, of clouds.  The impact of these developments on systems and software architectures is only beginning to get understood.

This year's CSSE Annual Research Review (ARR) is scheduled to take place March 8-9, 2011, and will focus on this emerging landscape.  The event will provide participants several forums for discussing the inherent system modeling, analysis, implementation, testing, deployment, and maintenance.  These forums will include research presentations from CSSE personnel as well as focused workshops on March 8, and the Executive Workshop on March 9.

The objective of the ARR is to exchange ideas, highlight shared problems, and attempt to identify promising models, methods, techniques, and tools for engineering systems of the 21st century.

For further information, please contact Ms. Julie Sanchez at

We hope to see you in March!

Nenad Medvidovic

CSSE Director

In addition to several planned invited talks, we are soliciting speakers for this event. Please submit titles and abstracts by February 27, 2011 to Dr. Nenad Medvidovic at


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