27th International Forum on COCOMO® and Systems/Software Cost Modeling

October 16—18, 2012

Software Engineering Institute, Pittsburgh, PA

The Role of Cost Modeling in Improving Affordability

The USC Center for Systems and Software Engineering will hold its 27th annual Forum on Systems, Software, and COCOMO® Cost Modeling, in collaboration with and at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) in Pittsburgh, PA, October 16‐18, 2012. With today’s shrinking budgets, a significant challenge in systems and software engineering is to justify investments in new systems and the evolution of existing systems and product lines. Because of limited funding and competitive pressures, especially in the U.S. Department of Defense but also in commercial enterprises, choices are driven by affordability, and not just the affordability of the initial development. Affordability includes development, deployment, usage, maintenance, and retirement/disposal costs. Therefore, this year, the Forum theme encourages investigation of the role of cost modeling in improving affordability of software and systems. In addition, we plan to conduct workshops based on on‐going cost modeling research work. Also, panel sessions will bring together representatives of several affordability working groups.

Authors of selected papers from the Forum will be invited to submit extended versions of their work to the Journal of Cost Analysis and Parametrics (

Topics of interest

  • Cost modeling to evaluate and improve software and system affordability over time
  • Cost model to support operations and sustainment estimation
  • Cost model analysis of engineering process tailoring impacts on affordability
  • Cost model analysis to assess agile methods, COTS integration, or architectural approaches such as service‐oriented architectures on affordability
  • Cost model analysis to evaluate tradeoffs between affordability and quality/security/flexibility/other software/system goals
  • Case study data showing affordability trends over time
  • Using historical data such as the DoD Software Resources Data Report (SRDR) data to support affordability analyses
  • Other ways cost models can be used to support affordability improvements
  • Operations and sustainment estimation

More general cost modeling topics

  • Usage, analysis, and improvement of the COCOMO® suite of models and anyother cost models
  • Innovative ways of applying cost models
  • Model scalability
  • Model integration experiences
  • Schedule estimation
  • Risk management
  • Value‐based approaches
  • Novel cost estimation relationships
  • Validation of models

The COCOMO® Forum is a venue for presenting data from PhD students, faculty, other academic researchers, and industry and government affiliates who describe emerging ideas as well as more mature concepts. We encourage abstract submissions addressing this wide spectrum of interest as well as tool demonstration proposals that will lead to lively exchanges of ideas.


General Chairs: Barry Boehm (USC), Jo Ann Lane (USC), and David Zubrow (SEI)
Program Committee: Rick Selby (Northrop Grumman/USC, Chair), Barry Boehm (USC), Winsor Brown (USC), Sunita Chulani (Cisco), Jared Fortune (Aerospace), Anandi Hira (USC), LiGuo Huang (SMU), Jo Ann Lane (USC), Qi Li (USC), Dan Ligett (Softstar), Ray Madachy (NPS), Ali Malik (Univ. of Lahore), Jim McCurley (SEI), Eduardo Miranda (CMU), Ramin Moazeni (USC), Vu Nguyen (Vietnam Univ. of Science), Mauricio Pena (Boeing), Thomas Tan (USC), Ricardo Valerdi (Univ. of Arizona), Ye Yang (ISCAS), David Zubrow (SEI)
Local Arrangements Chair: Julie Sanchez, USC (



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Key Dates

Forum and Workshops
Oct. 16-18: Forum (contributed presentations)
Oct. 16: Affiliates’ Dinner
Oct. 17: Reception and Tools Fair
Oct. 17: Workshops
Oct. 18: Afternoon Panel Discussion

2-3 page Abstracts Due:

July 20, 2012 to
Notification Date: August 13, 2012
Proceedings Materials Due:
October 1, 2012