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CSSE 2006-2007 Highlights and Upcoming 2007-2008 Events

Each year around its nominal May Affiliate renewal time, CSSE summarizes the highlights of its past year’s results and next year’s planned events.  The 2006-2007 highlights are below.  Our primary planned next year events are:

  • June 18, 2007 – Tutorial at SSTC 2007; Tampa, Florida by Barry Boehm and Jo Ann Lane on the Incremental Commitment Model.

Here is more information about our 2006-2007 highlights and 2007-2008 events:

  • We participated in producing a National Research Council (NRC) study report, “Human System Integration in the System Development Process: A New Look.”  The study involved a refinement and extension of our spiral model into an Incremental Commitment Model (ICM) for integrating the hardware, software and human aspects of commercial and government system definition and development.  The NRC report is scheduled for publication at the end of June; a softcopy is available for review at
  • We received two research contracts in the area of integrating systems engineering and software engineering.  One with the Data Analysis Center for Software has produced a draft report by JoAnn Lane and Barry Boehm entitled, “Modern Tools to Support DoD Software-Intensive Systems of Systems Cost Estimation.”  A softcopy is available on request.
  • The other research contract, from the OUSD (AT&L) Systems and Software Engineering Directorate, is to evaluate current DoD systems engineering lifecycle processes and standards and the ICM with respect to their support of integrating systems engineering, software engineering and system acquisition life cycles.  We are planning to have an Affiliates’ workshop on the emerging study results on Monday, October 29th, the day before the COCOMO® forum at USC, October 30 – November 1, 2007.
  • The COCOMO® forum theme this year will be Systems and Software Sizing.  1 – 3 page abstracts are due to by August 27.  We are also making a major push led by Don Reifer to obtain more calibration data for COCOMO® II and related models.  Please provide as much data as you can to make sure that our new calibrations will reflect your experience.  For more information and access to simplified data submissions, please contact Don at
  • JoAnn Lane is receiving this year’s INCOSE Foundation Stevens Doctoral Award for her research on systems of systems and cost estimation.
  • Barry Boehm is receiving the INCOSE journal’s “Best Paper of 2006” award for his paper, “Some Future Trends and Implications for Systems and Software Engineering Processes”.
  • We are graduating 12 Ph.D.’s between December 2006 and December 2007.  Five will be with CSSE Affiliates: Yue Chen (Cisco), Alex Lam (Aerospace), DeWitt Latimer (Air Force), Chris Mattman (JPL) and Danni Wu (Microsoft).  Three are interning with IBM under our Eclipse Process Framework Collaboration before taking academic faculty positions: LiGuo Huang (Southern Methodist University), Molly Phongpaibul (Thammasat University) and Ye Yang (Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Software).  Two are going to other organizations: Jesal Bhuta (Infosys) and Sam Malek (George Mason University).  Two are still undecided: Apurva Jain and Hasan Kitapci.
  • Our CSSE Convocation in October 2006, Annual Research Review (ARR) in February 2007 and their associated Executive Workshops produced a number of useful insights on software-intensive systems, including a new systems-oriented Top-10 Risk List and perspectives on the top three risks: Architecture Complexity and Quality Tradeoffs; Requirements Volatility; and Acquisition and Contracting Mismatches.  You can find the results at
  • At the ARR, we demonstrated some new prototype tools developed on our NASA and NSF research grants, including Dan Ingold and Ray Madachy’s Macro Risk assessment tool, Ray’s Orthogonal Defect Classification version of COQUALMO, Jesal Bhuta’s COTS Integration Mismatch Analysis tool and a differencing version of our Code Count toolset.  We should have beta-test versions of these available on the Affiliates-Only web site soon.
  • Our Systems Architecting and Engineering (SAE) MS Program now has over 300 students; and has added new courses in Net-Centric Systems, Lean Operations, and Six Sigma.  Stan Settles is now coordinating a new SAE Ph.D. program.
  • We will provide attendees of our October meeting with two new books.  One is the NRC study report discussed above; the other is an 818 page Wiley-IEEE/CS Press book edited by Rick Selby called, “Software Engineering: Barry W. Boehm’s Lifetime Contributions to Software Development, Management and Research.”  Some Affiliates are ordering multiple copies and organizing a short course in which Barry highlights its most significant contents.  If you’re interested in doing this, please contact
  • By our March 17 – 20, 2008 Annual Research Review, we are likely to have two more books to hand out: Ray Madachy’s definitive Wiley-IEEE/CS Press book on Software Process Dynamics and Ricardo Valerdi’s definitive Wiley book on Systems Engineering Cost Estimation with COSYSMO.  Coming up later in 2008 will be Neno Medvidovic’s also definitive co-authored book on software intensive system architectures.
  • Our being - refurbished website at has many more items of interest. We welcome any questions or feedback you have on its content.  To access the Affiliates-Only portion at the web site, click on Affiliates-Private on the home page and enter a user name of Millard and contact Julie at for the password.
  • Our new CSSE Administrator, Julie Sanchez, will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our activities or about becoming a CSSE Affiliate.


We look forward to continuing our win-win relationship with our Affiliates and we will do our best to ensure that it continues to be a win for you.


Barry Boehm and Stan Settles