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Once a calibrated version of COCOMO® II was finally released to the public, the need to provide a single, concise, authoritative resource documenting the model and explaining the use of the USC COCOMO® II software became apparent. To that end, members of the COCOMO® research group have authored a book called Software Cost Estimation With COCOMO® II (Prentice Hall, July 2000) shown above on the left. The book explains the theory behind the model, while keeping a focus on the practical informational needs of the professional software cost estimator.

Rather than as a replacement of Software Engineering Economics (Prentice Hall, 1981) shown above on the right, which was Barry Boehm's earlier text detailing the theory and application of COCOMO® 81, this new book should be viewed as an updated supplement (in practical terms it supercedes about one third of the material in the original book). For the software professional, it serves quite well as a stand-alone resource, providing all the information needed to effectively apply the USC COCOMO® II tool. For the student studying software economics, it complements Boehm's original text, omitting the broaderdiscussions of software project management still valid in the earlier book, while providing insight into the changes in software development practice that have occurred over the past twenty years and which have made the development of COCOMO® II necessary.

Both books can be ordered at


Software Cost Estimation with COCOMO® II


Software Engineering Economics

As errata for the new book and it's accompanying compact disc are identified, they will be documented here:

Book Errata
Enclosed Disc Errata

To help us improve the next edition of the COCOMO® II book and included software, we would also be most grateful if you would care to report to userrors both conceptual and typographic that you discover in the course of using both the text and its included CD:

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