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Data Collection Program

The key factor in continuing to improve the predictive accuracy of COCOMO® II is good data. Annual releases of the tool to the public with ever better parameter calibrations are planned. This is contingent, however, on the continued addition of historical projects to the COCOMO® II calibration database. To that end, we are asking for the help of the software industry in collecting data. If you or the organization you work for has the ability to supply software development project data, we would like to hear from you. The benefit to you for participating in data collection will be the availability of a more accurate predictive model for estimating your software project costs.

There are two ways in which to participate in the COCOMO® II data collection program. The first is by returning to us completed hardcopies of the COCOMO® II cost estimation questionnaire. The second, more recent, and simplist method is by returning to us on a floppy disk the saved project files created by you while using the USC COCOMO® II software.

We have proven procedures that we have followed successfully for over four years to prevent the compromise of any information entrusted to us that could be considered proprietary by data suppliers. Moreover, we would be glad to discuss any specific accommodations you might need to permit your participation in this data collection effort.

For your convenience, we are providing below for download copies of the COCOMO® II data collection instrument, and the standard data nondisclosure agreement USC-CSE enters into with most of our data suppliers. The USC COCOMO® II software is available here.

For further information or to discuss participation in the COCOMO® II data collection program, please contact us.

Data Collection Documents:

  • COCOMO® II Cost Estimation Questionnaire
    • PDF format (155kb)
  • USC-CSSE Data Nondisclosure Agreement