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COCOMO® II Papers and Presentations

  • Barry Boehm, Ricardo Valerdi, Eric Honour, "The ROI of Systems Engineering: Some Quantitative Results for Software-Intensive Systems", System Engineering, Wiley Periodicals 2008. PDF.
  • Vu Nguyen, Bert Steece, Barry Boehm, "A Constrained Regression Technique for COCOMO® Calibration", Submitted to ESEM 2008. PDF.
  • Ye Yang, Barry Boehm, Betsy Clark, "Assessing COTS Integration Risk Using Cost Estimation Inputs", ICSE 2006. PDF.
  • Barry Boehm, Ricardo Valerdi, Jo Ann Lane, A. Winsor Brown, "COCOMO® Suite Methodology and Evolution", CrossTalk, April 2005. PDF.
  • Barry Boehm, Ricardo Valerdi, "Achievements and Challenges in Software Resources Estimation", CSSE Tech Report, 2005. PDF.
  • Zhihao Chen, Tim Menzies, Dan Port, Barry Boehm, "Finding the Right Data for Software Cost Modeling", Software, IEEE Nov.-Dec. 2005 Volume: 22 Issue: 6, pp. 38 - 46, 2005. PDF.
  • Ye Yang, Zhihao Chen, Ricardo Valerdi, Barry Boehm, "Effect of Schedule Compression on Project Effort", CSSE Tech Report, 2005. PDF.
  • Barry Boehm, A. Winsor Brown, Ray Madachy, Ye Yang, "A Software Product Line Life Cycle Cost Estimation Model", International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering (ISESE) 2004. PDF.
  • Jongmoon Baik, Barry Boehm, Bert Steece, "Disaggregating and Calibrating the CASE Tool Variable in COCOMO® II", IEEE Trans. SW Engr, Nov, 2002, pp. 1009-1022. PDF.
  • Barry Boehm, Ellis Horowitz, Raymond Madachy, Chris Abts, "Future Trends, Implications in Cost Estimation Models ", IEEE Software, September-October 2000, pp. 14-17. PDF
  • Donald J. Reifer, Barry W. Boehm, Sunita Chulani, "The Rosetta Stone: Making COCOMO® 81 Files Work With COCOMO® II"
  • , CSSE Technical Report, 1998. PDF Postscript
  • Sunita Chulani, Bert Steece, "A Bayesian Software Estimating Model Using a Generalized g-Prior Approach"
  • , CSSE Technical Report, 1998.PDF Postscript
  • Sunita Chulani, Barry Boehm, Bert Steece, "Calibrating Software Cost Models Using Bayesian Analysis," submitted for the IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Special Issue on Empirical Methods in Software Engineering, (Fall 1998).
  • PDF Postscript
  • Sunita Chulani, "Incorporating Bayesian Analysis to Improve the Accuracy of COCOMO® II and Its Quality Model Extension," Sunita Chulani, Ph.D. QualifyingExam Report, University of Southern California, (Feb. 1998).
  • Paper: PDF Postscript, presentation: Postscript
  • Sunita Chulani, Brad Clark, Barry Boehm, "Calibration Results of COCOMO® II.1997," 22nd Annual Software Engineering Workshop, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, (Dec. 1997).
  • Paper: PDF Postscript, presentation: PDF Postscript
  • Barry Boehm, "Anchoring the Software Process," Barry Boehm, IEE Software Magazine, (July 1996).
  • Barry Boehm, Bradford Clark, Ellis Horowitz, Ray Madachy, Richard Shelby, Chris Westland, "Cost Models for Future Software Life Cycle Processes: COCOMO® 2.0," Annals of Software Engineering, (1995). (The original paper detailing COCOMO® II). PDF Postscript