COCOTS: an Overview

11 August 1998

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Table of Contents

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Point of Contact

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Model Development History

Problem Context: What is (and isn't) COTS?

Problem Context: COTS Phenomena, Pitfalls and Practices

Problem Context: Modeling

COTS Software Integration Cost Sources

COCOMO Cost Sources

COCOMO vs COCOTS Cost Sources

Objectory Management Checkpoints (RATIONAL)

Objectory Information Set Evolution (RATIONAL)

COTS Assessment: Formulae

COTS Assessment: Assessment Attributes

COTS Tailoring: Formula

COTS Tailoring: Dimensions of Tailoring Difficulty

COTS Glue Code and Test: Formula

COTS Glue Code and Test: Glue Code Cost Drivers

Increased Effort Due to COTS Volatility: Formulae

Increased Effort Due to COTS Volatility: COCOMO II Scale Factors

Total COTS Integration Cost Estimate

Prospective COTS Follow-ons

Modeling Other COTS Related Costs

Extended COCOTS Model

Estimating Lifecycle Cost of Software COTS

Estimating Lifecycle Cost of Hardware COTS


Backup Charts


Rating Aggregation Problem


BRAK GLUE Data Definition

BRAK Model Equation Derivation

Authors: Mr. Christopher M. Abts & Dr. Barry W. Boehm


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