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Value-Based Software Engineering: ROI Models

Lead Personnel: TBD

Objectives: Develop value-based principles and techniques to address emerging software engineering challenge areas: especially the high dependable systems, software architecting.

Approach: Identify seven key elements as the foundations of Value-Based Software Engineering (VBSE):

  • Benefits Realization Analysis
  • Stakeholder Value Proposition Elicitation and Reconciliation
  • Business Case Analysis
  • Continuous Risk and Opportunity Management
  • Concurrent System and Software Engineering
  • Value-based Monitoring and Control
  • Change as Opportunity

Identify useful techniques from economics, finance, decision theory and other disciplines and adapt them to use in software design and development. Seek to inform technical decision making with sound models of linkages between technical parameters and value-based outcomes.


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Future Plans:
Develop the value-based model and tool for evaluating software dependability alternatives and trade-offs among them at both development and run time.

If you have any questions about Value-Based Software Engineering: ROI Models, please contact A. Winsor Brown at