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Systems and Software Consortium

2214 Rock Hill Road
Herndon VA 20170-4227
Phone: (703) 742-8877
Fax: (703) 742-7200

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Directions from Dulles Airport

  1. As you leave the airport, bear to the right for the Dulles Tollroad (Route 267 East) and for Route 28 North towards Herndon (Exit 9B, about ½ mile east of the airport).
  2. At the first traffic light on Route 28 North (approximately ¼ mile), make a right turn onto Innovation Avenue.
  3. At the first stop sign on Innovation Avenue, make a left turn onto Rock Hill Road.
  4. At the first (and only) driveway on the left on Rock Hill Road, turn into the CIT/SSCI campus.
  5. At the Visitors Parking sign, which marks the second driveway on the left, turn to enter our garage. (If you take the first left driveway, you will drive up through our building to the campus lobby, where there is no parking.)
  6. Access to our garage is controlled. If a security guard is not present, use the post-mounted speakerphone on your left to speak with our receptionist.
  7. The level at this entrance is reserved for visitors; you may park in any unmarked space.
  8. Take an elevator from level P3 (parking level 3) to level 1 (lobby level). The entrance to our facility is across the lobby from the elevators.

Directions from the Washington Beltway (US 495)

  1. Take Washington Beltway Exit 45S to the Dulles Tollroad (Route 267 West). Move to the right to get to a full-service toll booth. Be prepared to pay a toll of 75 cents when you enter the Dulles Tollroad from the Beltway and another 50 cents when you exit the Dulles Tollroad at Route 28.
  2. Stay on the Dulles Tollroad approximately 11 miles.
  3. Take Dulles Tollroad to Route 28 North (Exit 9B) towards Herndon. This is the last exit before the Dulles Airport and the Dulles Greenway tollroad.
  4. Follow steps 2-8 above.


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