21st International Forum on COCOMO® and Software Cost Modeling

[Note] Some of the slides are not included in the CD because of late submissions.

Please find them at the conference website.

Tuesday, November 7 – SSCI Training Rooms 103 & 105

7:30 AM
Continental breakfast in SSCI Training Lobby
8:00 AM

Track 1 Tutorial/Workshop: Systems Engineering Model (COSYSMO) in Training Room 105 – Ricardo Valerdi, MIT Lean Aerospace Initiative

Track 2 Tutorial/Workshop: Security Extension to COCOMO® II (COSECMO) in Training Room 103–Ed Colbert, USC-CSSE

9:45 AM
10:15 AM
Tutorial/Workshops continue in Training Rooms 103 & 105
Lunch in SSCI Training Lobby
1:00 PM
Track 1 Tutorial/Workshop: (COSYSMO) continues in Training Room 105

Track 2 Tutorial/Workshop: Constructive Network Infrastructure Protection
in Training Room 103– Don Reifer, Reifer Consultants Inc.
Presentation (ppt)
2:30 PM
3:00 PM

Track 1 Tutorial/Workshop: Systems of Systems Integration Model
in Training Room 105 – Jo Ann Lane, USC-CSSE

Presentation (ppt) Bios(html)

Track 2 Tutorial/Workshop: (CONIPMO) continues in Training Rooms 103

5:00 PM

Wednesday, November 8 – Auditorium

7:30 AM Continental Breakfast in the Commons Area
8:00 AM Session 1: Welcome Rick Selby, Program Chair

SSCI Welcome Jim Kane, SSCI CEO

The COCOMO® II Suite of Software Cost Estimation Models - Barry Boehm, Director USC Center for Systems and Software Engineering (CSSE)

Presentation (ppt) Bios(html)

Model Workshop breakout group reports

COSYSMO Ricardo Valerdi (ppt)
COSOSIMO Jo Ann Lane (ppt)
CONIPMO Don Reifer (ppt)
COSECMOEd Colbert (ppt)

9:40 AM Break
10:10 AM Session 2: System of SystemsEd Colbert , Session Chair

COSOSIMO: How Well Does It Capture the Unique Aspects of System of
Systems Engineering (SoSE) Processes
Jo Ann Lane, USC-CSSE & Dr.
Paul Carlock, Northrop Grumman Corp.

Presentation (ppt) Paper (pdf) Bios(html)

Cost and Management Challenges in System of Systems Arlene Minkiewicz & David Seaver,

Presentation (ppt) Bios (html)

Systems Engineering Cost Estimation: System-of-Systems Jon K. Ilseng,
Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems

Presentation (ppt) Abstract (doc) Bios(html)

Capturing Total System of Systems Costs Using SEER-H with Total System
Vision (TSV) and SEER-SEM: An Example Application
Robert Hunt,
Galorath Incorporated

Abstract (doc) Presentation (ppt)

11:50 PM Lunch in the Commons Area
1:00 PM

Session 3: Practioner Approaches – Barry Boehm, Session Chair

Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation – Barry Boehm introducing

Presentation (ppt)

USC Affiliates Code Counter Suite Mathy Pandian, Aerospace & Lori Vaughan, Northrop Grumman

Presentation (ppt) Bios (html)

Software Efforts at the NRO Cost GroupSarah Capellari, Paul Cymerman, Jill Dunn, Tecolote Research Inc

Presentation (ppt) Bios (html)

Code Metrics, an Extensible Tool for Code Counting Paul E Wetzel, OPS Consulting

Presentation (ppt)

2:50 PM Break
3:15 PM

Session 4: Cost Model Comparison – Ray Madachy, Session Chair and Panel
Bios (html)

Comparison and Assessment of Cost Models for NASA Flight Projects Ray
Madachy, Barry Boehm & Danni Wu, USC-CSSE

Presentation (ppt) Bios (html)

Panel: Cost Model Comparisons - Robert Hunt,Galorath Incorporated, David Seaver,PRICE Systems LLC, Ray Madachy, USC-CSSE

4:30 PM Tools Fair Overview (see participants list below)
5:00 PM Reception / Tool Fair in the Commons Area
7:00 PM Adjourn

Thursday, November 9 – Auditorium

7:30 AM Continental Breakfast in the Commons Area
8:00 AM

Session 1: COSYSMO Usage – Gan Wang, Session Chair

Extensions of COSYSMO to Represent Reuse – Ricardo Valerdi, MIT, John
Gaffney, Lockheed Martin, Lockheed Martin, Lockheed Martin, & John Rieff,
Presentation (ppt) Abstract (doc)

COSYSMO Adoption Process – Chris Miller, Systems & Software
Consortium Inc. & Ricardo Valerdi, MIT

Presentation (ppt) Abstract (doc)

Panel: COSYSMO Usage Experience - Ricardo Valerdi, Panel Moderator
COSYSMO Usage Experiences Panel at Raytheon (Rieff) (ppt)
COSYSMO Usage Experiences Panel at BAE systems (Rieff) (ppt)
COSYSMO Usage Experiences Panel at LMCO (Roedler & McLoone) (ppt)
COSYSMO Usage Experiences Panel at SSCI (Miller) (ppt)

9:40 AM Break
10:10 AM

Session 2: Cost Modeling Experience – Don Reifer, Session Chair

Test execution effort and capacity estimation – Eduardo Aranha, Informatics
Center Federal University of Pernambuco & Paulo Borba, Mobile Devices
R&D Motorola Industra Ltda

Presentation (ppt) Abstract (pdf)

Schopenhauer's Proof For Software: Pessimistic Bias In the NOSTROMO
– Ashley Mathis, THAAD Project Office & Dan Strickland, Dynetics, Inc.

Paper (doc) Presentation (ppt) Abstract (pdf)

Software Estimation: Manual, COCOMO® II, and PSEstimate – Michael
Douglas, Ph.D., University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Role of Software Readability on Software Development Cost – Emilio Collar,
Jr., Western Connecticut State University Ancell School of Business &
Ricardo Valerdi, MIT

Presentation (ppt) Abstract (doc) Bio (html)

11:50 AM Lunch in the Commons Area
1:00 PM

Session 3a: Fuzzy Approaches to Cost Estimation – Chris Miller, Panel

Panel: Fuzzy Approaches to Cost Estimation - Vivian Xia, Danny Ho & Luiz Capretz, Leonard Jowers James Buckley, & Kevin Reilly

Paper 1 Presentation (ppt) Paper (doc) Bios (html)
Paper 2
Presentation (ppt) (pdf)Abstract (pdf) Bios (html)

1:50 PM

Session 3b: Cost Estimating Challenges – Chris Miller, Session Chair

Principles of Software Measurement in Systems of Systems Development

- Kathleen Dangle, Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering

Presentation (ppt) Bio (html)

Estimating the Costs and Benefits of Software Assurance Investments – Tom
Frazier, Institute for Defense Analysis

Presentation (ppt) Bio (html)

Capabilities-Based Cost Analysis: Adapting to a New Paradigm – Mr.
William Anderson, Software Engineering Institute, Dr. Mary Maureen
Brown, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, & Mr. Robert Jones,
Technomics Inc.

Presentation (pdf) Abstract (doc)

3:00 PM Forum Wrap-up Remarks and Adjourn – Barry Boehm (ppt)

Tools Fair Participants

  • Galorath Inc.: SEER
  • PRICE Systems L.L.C.: True S, PRICE S, True COCOMO®
  • Softstar Systems: Costar and SystemStar, Presentation (ppt)
  • Quantitative Software Management: SLIM
  • Performance/Cost Analysis Model Description (P/CAM) (doc)
  • USC: COQUALMO (pdf) / VBSQM (pdf)
  • USC: CONIPMO, Poster(ppt)


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