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Workshop on Integrating Systems and Software Engineering

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CSSE is currently performing on a research contract from the OUSD (AT&L) Systems and Software Engineering Directorate to evaluate current DoD systems engineering lifecycle processes and standards and CSSE’s Incremental Commitment Model with respect to their support of integrating systems engineering and software engineering life cycles. We will be holding a workshop to present, discuss and refine the emerging study results October 29—30, the two days before the COCOMO® forum at USC October 31—November 2, 2007.


B. Boehm, “Some Future Trends and Implications for System and Software Engineering
Processes,” Systems Engineering 9(1), Spring 2006, pp. 1-19 (2006 Best Paper Award

B. Boehm and J. Lane, “Using the Incremental Commitment Model to Integrate System
Acquisition, Systems Engineering, and Software Engineering,” expanded version of CrossTalk
paper to be published Oct. 2007 (softcopy available on request to

R. Pew & A. Mavor, “Human-System Integration in the System Development Process: A New
Look,” National Academies Press, 2007 (copies will be provided at the workshop).



22nd International Annual Forum on COCOMO® and System/Software Cost Modeling

Theme: Sizing Systems and Software Engineering Efforts

For 2007 and 2008, the USC Center for Systems and Software Engineering will hold its
annual Forum on COCOMO® and Systems/Software Cost Modeling on the USC campus
in Los Angeles. Based on our successful 2006 Forum at the SSCI in the Washington DC
area, we will hold the Forum in the DC area in 2009 and every third year thereafter. In
2007, we will focus the Forum theme on sizing systems and software engineering efforts.
We will include a tutorial and workshops on sizing as it relates to cost models for
software development (COCOMO® II family), systems engineering (COSYSMO) and
systems of systems integration (COSOSIMO), including such aspects as reuse, breakage,
requirements volatility, and sizing/counting methods and tools. Based on recent work we
have been doing for OSD on integrating systems and software engineering, we will hold
a pre-forum workshop on that topic on October 29 – 30.

Related Forum topics include extending and integrating models for aspects such as
schedule estimation, agile methods, COTS integration, value-based approaches, models
for addressing software quality and security issues, and risk assessment. We would like
to encourage submissions in these and other systems and software estimation related
areas as well, including tool demonstration proposals.

General Chair: Barry Boehm, USC

Program Committee:

Rick Selby (Northrop Grumman/USC, Chair)

Barry Boehm (USC)

Winsor Brown (USC)

Sunita Chulani (IBM)

Dan Ligett (Softstar)

Ray Madachy (USC)

Don Reifer (RCI/USC)

Chris Miller (SSCI)

Ed Colbert (USC)

LiGuo Huang (SMU/USC)

Jo Ann Lane (USC)

Thomas Tan (USC)

Ricardo Valerdi (MIT/USC)

Di Wu (USC)


Local Arrangements Chair:

Julie Sanchez, USC (


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