Based on a study we recently completed for the Department of Defense (DoD) Systems and Software Engineering Directorate, we will be focusing our follow-on in 2008 on developing a draft guidebook on the use of the Incremental Commitment Model (ICM) for integrating systems and software engineering on DoD projects.  As the ICM is built on best commercial practices, we will do the work in a way that results soon after in a commercial version of the Guidebook as well.  Therefore, we are preparing more content for our upcoming March19-20 Annual Research Review Executive Workshop on “Implementing Next-Generation Systems and Software Engineering Process Models,”  while keeping the Workshop concentrated so that we can finish by 1130 on Thursday March 20 and enable people to get home by Good Friday.

You can find the Final report package of our 2007 study for DoD, including some additional material on the ICM in the Workshop Materials menu.  Since the ICM in its full generality looks a bit complex, I've also attached some charts describing how you can generally use a decision table to determine a simpler special case of the ICM, based on the risk patterns that you identify during the initial Exploration phase of the ICM.  Hopefully, you will have a chance to review the material before the Workshop, and we will be happy to answer questions you have about it.  

Since my previous January 2 message, some additional industry and government organizations are exploring pilot use of the ICM, and we are continuing to work on a research grant and providing some interns to IBM for producing an Eclipse Process Framework version of the ICM.  The Annual Research Review will also provide presentations on our work in systems and software architecting, cost estimation, and mobile/distributed systems, along with looks into such future disruptive technologies as parallel–programmed multicore processors and social networking technologies.  A preliminary agenda for the ARR is at
and the workshop background materials are at

You can also find the results of our October COCOMO® forum and OSD/CSSE Workshop on Integrating Systems and Software Engineering at http://csse.usc.edu/csse/event .  The Technical Reports section of the CSSE website has several new publications on the topics we will be presenting.  Some updates to our tools are in the Affiliates-only section of the website.  For further information, please contact Julie Sanchez at jasanche@usc.edu

We hope to see you in March.

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