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What is it all about?


A multi-platform software cost estimation tool which covers effort estimates for Inception, Elaboration, Construction and Transition phases for multiple concurrent software builds and packages of a project. The current version: COINCOMO II(Beta) is a multiplatform software cost estimation application (tool) which supports in one tool, the cost estimation models of COCOMO, and COPSEMO with future iterations extending to include CORADMO, COSECMO and/or COCOTS, and be extensible to support additional models. The tool will allow users to do cost estimation of systems of systems and multiple subsystems, where each subsystem could have multiple builds.


COINCOMO  (Beta) Image

The tool will also support estimation of individual and multiple builds of a single subsystem; where estimates across builds take into account overlapping MBASE/RUP phases of builds that are being developed concurrently. Final estimation results will be reported in a properly organized CSV file, generating a spreadsheet with the estimation totals as well as overlapping MBASE/RUP phases of builds along with the estimation results of each phase. The tool also supports reporting of the estimates in both XML and HTML formats.

In order to meet resource contention and portability capability goals and requirements, a client-server separation of the UI, import/export, and format translation from the model calculations and database access logic was used. A Java based client UI and JDBCcompatible server-based RDBMS was used to ensure portability among the required platforms. The RDBMS-centric design inherently supports extensibility, as methods for extending 3NF schemas are well known. In addition, the design supports multiple open-source database vendors for flexibility. An XML-based formatting system allows translation of estimation data to and from multiple formats, as well as direct data transfer between databases.

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