UCC Version 2017.01

New Features

  • Objective C parser
  • Cyclomatic complexity support for Midas languages
  • Option to specify non-default comment delimiters
  • Allow file filters in a file, as an alternative to the current filespecs option
  • Customization of report headers
  • Visual differencing only includes modified files


Note for GUI users: The modification of extensions does not currently work for the GUI - we hope to have this fixed and updated by next week.

Release: 2017.01 (January 2017) - Download Source



6 comments on “UCC Version 2017.01
  1. joshua frkuska says:


    When will UCC 2017.01 be available for general release?

    Thank you

    • Anandi Hira says:


      I apologize for the delay. We have had low resources for the past year. We are currently busy preparing for the new release. Hence, we will make the old ones available at the same time as when we post the new releases (hopefully in a week or so).

      We appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience!

      Anandi Hira

  2. Philip Tripp says:

    Where are the checksums published for the UCC download package?

    • Anandi Hira says:


      I am not clear on your question. Are you looking for something specific with regards to “checksums”, or do you mean the package itself? I will be attempting to release the old versions to the public next week, and new versions for Affiliates at the same time. I apologize for the delay!

      Anandi Hira

      • Philip Tripp says:

        Typically when software is published, the author(s) will generate a checksum and post it as part of the download (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, etc.). This allows those downloading the software to generate a checksum on their downloaded software, and verify the integrity of the software (i.e. it has not been altered, maliciously or otherwise, from the author(s) original form).

        This is an industry standard practice.

        Additional reference:

        • Anandi Hira says:


          Thank you for explanation. We currently do not provide checksums as part of the download, but is something we can look into for future releases!

          Thank you,
          Anandi Hira

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