UCC 2017 Updates!

Hello UCC users,

First of all, I apologize for the delay on our end in getting out the new updates - making the 2015.12 version available to the general users, and providing Affiliates with a newer version.

Along with having to recover from server problems the USC CSSE department had in October 2016, the UCC team worked on quite a couple things this past year:

  • Updating the GUI for compatibility with Qt updates - they updated  few times this past year
  • Developing UCC in Java, called UCC-J

Hence, you will notice 2 options for the 2017 release: UCC in C++ and UCC-J. UCC-J does not yet have all of the functionality that currently exists in UCC. We will be focusing our efforts on UCC-J, until it can successfully replace UCC. Note, we will still provide support for UCC, and work on critical and high priority defects and feature requests.

Affiliates may get the latest versions here:

Non-Affiliates now have access to UCC Version 2015.12.


Thank you,

Anandi Hira

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