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Barry Boehm, "Guidelines for Verifying and Validating Software Requirements and Design Specifications," Euro IFIP 79, North Holland (1979), p. 711-719 (pdf)

This paper presents the following guideline information on verification and validation (V&V) of software requirements and design specifications:

• Definitions of the terms "verification" and "validation," and an explanation of their context in the software life-cycle;
• A description of the basic sequence of functions performed during software requirements and design V&V
• An explanation, with examples: of the major software requirements and design V&V criteria: completeness, consistency, feasibility, and testability;
• An evaluation of the relative cost and effectiveness of the major software requirements and design V&V techniques with respect to the above criteria;
• An example V&V checklist for software system reliability and availability.

Based on the above, the paper provides recommendations of the combination of software requirements and design V&V techniques most suitable for small, medium, and large software specifications.

Added June 14th, 2010


Barry Boehm, "Software Engineering - As It Is," Proceedings, 4th International Conference on Software Engineering, September 1979, pp. 11-21 (pdf)

This paper presents a view of software engineering as it is in 1979. It discusses current software engineering practice with respect to lessons learned in the past few years, and concludes that the lessons are currently not heeded roughly half of the time. The paper discusses some of the factors which may account for this lag, including rapid technological change, education shortfalls, technology transfer inhibitions, resistance to disciplined methods, inappropriate role models, and a restricted view of software engineering.

The paper also updates a 1976 state of the art survey of software engineering technology, including such topics as requirements and specifications, design, programming, verification and validation, maintenance, software psychology, and software economics. It concludes that the field is making solid progress, but that it is growing more complex at a faster rate than we can put it in order.

Added June 6th, 2008

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