Affiliate Benefits and Contributions

The USC-CSSE General Affiliates’ Program offers a wide variety of benefits of value to commercial and governmental software organizations:

USC Visits to Affiliate

  • Annual one-day lecture/visit by a USC professor
  • Longer-term visit arrangements
  • Student resumes for summer or full-time positions
Affiliate Visits to USC

  • Annual Research Reviews:
    – International Forums on COCOMO® and Systems/Software Cost Modeling
    – Focused Workshops
    – Technical Steering Committee
    – Meetings Corporate campus visits
  • Longer-term visit arrangements
Workshops and Conferences at USC

  • Annual Research Reviews (Mar or Feb)
  • International Forums on COCOMO® and Systems/Software Cost Modeling (Oct)
  • Conference on System Engineering Research (CSER) April, even years)
Tool and Knowledge Transfer

  • Prototype tools for experimentation
  • Early-releases of tools developed by CSSE
  • Technical support to “power users” of CSSE tools
  • Website Affiliates Private Area
  • Proceedings from conferences, workshops, seminars, tutorials, and LA SPIN
  • Research Influence Reviews on Research and Curriculum Directions

Contributions made by Affiliates:


  • Annual fee for large organizations (over $100M/year sales or budget)

  • First-year introduction fee for large organizations

  • Annual fee for small organizations (under $100M/year sales or budget)
One Member

  • For Technical Steering Committee (up to three for large organizations)
Focal Points

  • Identification of organizational focal points for technology transition