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Supannika Koolmanojwong

Marilee Wheaton

Futurewei Technologies

Jeff Hahn


Denton Tarbet

Grandstream Networks, Inc.

Thammanoon Kawinfruangfukul

Huawei Technology

Kim Lau

Huang Ni

Lockheed Martin

Bob Epps

Garry Roedler

Gary Hafen (ret.)

M&P Consulting

Pongtip Aroonvatanaporn

Naval Postgraduate School

Raymond Madachy


Paul Nielsen

Softstar Systems

Dan Ligett

Susan Stefanec

Tecolote Research

Bruce Reynolds

TI Metricas

Mauricio Aguiar

University of Arizona

Ricardo Valerdi


Azad Madni

Hanadi Mardah

Shreya Sharma

Erik Skogstad


Jim Alstad (Ph.D Candidate)

Barry Boehm

A. Winsor Brown

Brad Clark

Celia Chen (Ph.D Candidate)

Anandi Hira (Ph.D Candidate)

Dan Ingold

JoAnn Lane

Kan Qi (Ph.D Candidate)

Alexey Tregubov (Ph.D Candidate)

Bo Wang (Ph.D. Candidate)

USC CSSE Architecture

Jae Young Bang

Pooyan Behnamghader (Ph.D Candidate)

Duc Le (Ph.D Candidate)

Daniel Link (Ph.D Candidate)

Nenad Medvidovic’

Gholamreza Safi (Ph.D Candidate)

Arman Shahbazian (Ph.D Candidate)

USC CSSE Testing and Research Analysis

GJ Halfond

Ding Li (Ph.D Candidate)