Dr. Rachchabhorn Wongsaroj, Bank of Thailand

January 2014 marks the end of Dr. Rachchabhorn “Place” Wongsaroj’s visiting research with the USC Center for Systems and Software Engineering.  During Place’s visit to USC CSSE in January 2013, she developed an electronic process guide for Bank of Thailand’s internal data management system using IBM Rational Method Composer, studied the system capability affordability tradespace, balancing expedited systems engineering to reduce schedule and cost, encourage flexibility in architecture decisions to support future evolution of the system and minimize technical debt that either results in later rework or adversely impacts future options, analyzed top enablers and inhibitors of Expedited Systems Engineering, Flexible Systems and Technical Debt, and the relationship between these enablers and inhibitors and an initial analysis of the appropriateness of the COCOMO II cost drivers and scale divers for the case of Big Data project cost estimation.  This research and collaboration is a welcome exchange of data and knowledge between USC CSSE and the Bank of Thailand as well further study of software development method concepts, techniques, processes, frameworks, methodologies, criteria of selections that are appropriate for application in organizational projects.  We send a warm debt of gratitude to Dr. Wongsaroj as she returns to the Statistics and Information Systems Department at the Bank of Thailand.

Dr. Rachchabhorn WongsarojDr. Rachchabhorn Wongsaroj is a senior business analyst in the data management department with the Bank of Thailand.  She graduated with a PhD in Management Technology from the Asian Institute of Technology.  Her research interests are big data as well as data quality management.  Dr. Wongsaroj may be contacted at: rachchaw@bot.or.th