30th International Forum on COCOMO and Systems/Software Cost Modeling

Event Details

30th International Forum on COCOMO® and Systems/Software Cost Modeling
November 16 – 18, 2015
Software Engineering Institute; Arlington, VA

NRCEA Building, Suite 200
4301 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA 22203

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The USC Center for Systems and Software Engineering (CSSE) will hold its 30thInternational Forum on COCOMO and Systems/Software Cost Modeling in collaboration with the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute (SEI) in Arlington, VA. With work currently underway at USC CSSE on COCOMO III and COSYSMO 3.0, this year’s forum will focus on the development of the next generation of cost models for software development and systems engineering. The COCOMO Forum is a venue for presenting models, data, and emerging ideas from faculty, students, and other researchers as well as industry and government affiliates. We encourage abstract submissions addressing a wide spectrum of cost modeling areas as well as tool demonstration proposals that will lead to lively exchanges of ideas. Topics of interest include:

  • Cost models related to the Incremental Commitment Spiral Model (ICSM) common cases
  • Cost model analysis to assess agile methods, COTS integration, or architectural approaches such as service‐oriented architectures
  • Cost modeling to evaluate and improve software and system affordability over time
  • Cost model to support operations and sustainment estimation
  • Cost model analysis to evaluate tradeoffs between affordability and quality, security, flexibility, and other software/system goals
  • Impact of technical debt within existing systems, system evolution, and system of systems engineering
  • Methods/techniques for quantifying technical debt
  • Approaches for estimating remediation costs associated with technical debt
  • Integration of COQUALMO quality assessments associated with software development and systems engineering estimates
  • New or improved size drivers to support cost modeling and estimation
  • Analysis of high-impact cost factors for software development and systems engineering effort and schedule
  • Any other topic related to the ongoing development of COCOMO III or COSYSMO 3.0

More general cost modeling topics are also welcome, such as usage, analysis, and improvement of the COCOMO suite of models and any other cost models; innovative ways of applying cost models; model scalability; model integration experiences; schedule estimation; risk management; value‐based approaches; novel cost estimation relationships; and validation of models.

Submission Information

Submissions: Please submit 2-­3 page abstracts and short author biographies

Abstracts Due: August15, 2015 to jasanche@usc.edu
Acceptance Notification Date: August 31, 2015

Proceedings Materials Due: November 1, 2015

Organization General Chairs: Barry Boehm (USC), Jo Ann Lane (USC), and David Zubrow (SEI)

Program Committee: Rick Selby (Northrop Grumman/USC, Chair)

Local Arrangements Chair: Julie Sanchez, USC (jasanche@usc.edu)

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