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Software engineering is a rare scientific discipline that has an exact birth date: October 7, 1968. On this day, the first Conference on Software Engineering, sponsored by the NATO Science Committee, opened in Garmisch, Germany. In the intervening 45 years, the field has grown and matured tremendously. A remarkable number and variety of software engineering models, processes, methods, notations, techniques, and tools have been developed. At the same time, the growth in the number and variety of challenges faced by software engineers has been just as astounding, constantly pulling the field and giving rise to an enduring stream of innovation.

The SE@45 Symposium gathers a collection of eminent software engineering researchers from around the world to mark our discipline’s birthday. The Symposium will feature a number of talks that will (1) remind us what software engineering was like in its early years, (2) provide an overview of cutting-edge research, and (3) inspire us with a vision of an exciting future for the discipline.

Please join us on October 4 to help celebrate this exciting event:

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