USC CSSE Annual Research Review

April 4-6, 2017

University of Southern California

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Future Software and Systems Engineering Challenges


Amid the fog of Washington DC politics, it is becoming increasingly clear that the nation is facing serious challenges in the vulnerability and affordability of its health, defense, financial, and infrastructure systems and software. These challenges are being magnified in a world being transformed by new technologies such as autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, cloud computing, Internets of Things, systems that learn, and cyber-security penetration technology. We have been addressing these challenges in our research for the DoD Systems Engineering Research Center and other sponsors, and look forward to presenting and discussing them with you at our 2017 Center for Systems and Software Engineering (CSSE) Annual Research Review (ARR).

Topics covered will include the use of data analytics to reduce the major source of software costs by assessing and improving maintainability and reducing technical debt; Resilient Agile methods for enabling parallel software development and reducing development and evolution schedules; creating more resilient infrastructure and systems of systems; addressing cyber security threats, and coordinating swarms of autonomous vehicles. In addition, progress reports and workshops in COCOMO III and COSYSMO 3.0 will be key highlights of this year’s ARR.

The ARR will include research presentations from CSSE personnel, research sponsors and collaborators, and alumni.

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Looking forward to seeing you in April!

Barry Boehm, CSSE Director