USC Center for Systems and Software Engineering

2017 Annual Research Review

April 4, 2017

Time Presentation
7:30 Registration & Continental Breakfast @ Ronald Tutor Campus Center
8:00 Barry Boehm Keynote: Future Systems and Software Challenges, Especially Maintainability
8:40 Reem Alfayez An Empirical Study of Technical Debt in Open-Source Software Systems
9:00 Srisoph Kamonphop An Empirical Study on the use of Net-Centric Services (NCS) in USC e-service projects
9:20 Alexey Tregubov Evaluation of multitasking and work interruptions in software projects
9:40 Anandi Hira Comparing IFPUG and COSMIC Measurements for Software Maintenance
10:00 Break
10:40 Affiliate Presentation: Bob Stoddard Why Does Software Cost So Much? Towards a Causal Model
11:20 Alumni Presentation Ricardo Valerdi Lessons from Baseball Analytics
Noon Lunch
1:00 Jim: COSYSMO Workshop
 6:00 Alumni, Affiliate, Student Dinner @ the University Club

April 5, 2017

Time Presentation
7:30 Registration & Continental Breakfast @ Ronald Tutor Campus Center
8:00 Azad Madni Keynote Resilience Contract: Flexible Modeling Construct for Engineering Resilient Systems and System-of-Systems (SoS)
8:40 Edwin Ordoukhanian A Methodology for Introducing and Evaluating Resilience Mechanisms in System-of-Systems- Application to Multi-UAV SoS
9:00 Duc M. Le An Empirical Study of Architectural Decay in Open-Source Software
9:20 Daniel Link RELAX – Divide, Conquer and Recover Software Architectures
9:40 Jiaping Gui Truth in Advertising: The Hidden Cost of Mobile Ads for Software Developers
10:00 Break
10:20 Sonal Mahajan Detection and Localization of Presentation (GUI) Failures in Web Applications
10:40 Celia Chen How to Measure and Estimate Software Maintainability for Open Source Projects-
11:00 Alumni Presentation Scott Chen Opix 360 Introduction
11:20 Neil Siegel Keynote Using systems engineering to protect society in the face of potential “Black Sky” hazards
Noon Lunch
1:00 Brad Clark: COCOMO III Workshop

 April 6, 2017

Time Presentation
7:30 Registration & Continental Breakfast @ Ronald Tutor Campus Center
7:50 Barry Boehm Accelerating Schedules by Exploiting Parallelism (video presentation)
8:00 Pooyan Behnamghader Towards Better Understanding of Software Quality Evolution Through Commit-Impact Analysis
8:20 Yvette Rodriguez A Quantitative Acquisition Process Modeling Approach Toward Expediting Systems Engineering
8:40 Doug Rosenberg Compressing Schedules by Leveraging Parallelism in Development with Resilient Agile
9:10 Bo Wang Cloud-Targeted Code Generated for Microservices
9:20 Kan Qi Effort Estimation Models for Resilient Agile
9:40 Break
10:00 Chao Wang Security by Compilation- An Automated Approach to Side-channel Resistance

Daniel Guo Symbolic Execution of Programmable Logic Controller Code

10:40 Workshop Summaries:

Jim Alstad, COSYSMO 3.0- Workshop Results

Brad Clark, COCOMO III Workshop

11:20 Future ARR Suggestions, Closing: Barry Boehm